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Working from home? Tips to keep your business running


If you feel as if Coronavirus has stopped your business in its tracks, don’t worry. You’re not alone. If you’re working from home, or even worse, closed down for the near future, this isn’t a bad time to set out plans for when you come back.

One thing we all have in the world of work right now is time, so reviewing some of the things your company does now can really help you in the long-term. Here’s a few of our tips:


Phone systems

Cloud telephone systems are definitely a great way to keep functional communication channels for your staff at home.

One fear employers have is that their workers don’t have the resources that they would usually have in the workplace, or that there is a general lack of communication when everybody is in a different place. Luckily, cloud-based telephone systems were designed purely to keep these channels effective regardless of what staff have at home.

With these systems, all of your team is connected to your company’s phone number, and can call others in the office for free. This is all managed on one web-interface, with an extensive range of call handling and management features, making social distancing a lot more seamless.

We believe that VOIP is hugely important for businesses that involve people on the move constantly, companies that have several locations, or even just those sticking it out at home until business resumes as normal. That’s why we think now is a good time to compare prices for a system that can be vital now, but still useful in the future. You can receive a call from one of our partnered experts here:

Business Energy

If you’re in the house, now is a definitely an opportune time to look over your bills and see if there’s any that you can improve on. 

When you enquire about business energy, you receive a unique price based on your area, industry, company size, and more. This is why it’s quite difficult to get an instant price, but quite easy to find out whether you’d potentially save from a switch.

In a business energy quote, there are two main variables that make up the price: the unit cost and the standing charge. The unit cost is how much energy your business uses (per kWh), and the standing charge is the cost of transporting energy to your business, plus a small contribution to sustaining the national grid.

According to uSwitch, business electricity is around £900-£2,244 (micro-business), £2,367-£3,660 (small business) and £3,774-£7,234 (medium business) monthly.

For business gas, these figures are £400-£820 (micro), £820-£1,458 (small) and £1,458-£2,239 (medium) respectively.

This means you can expect to be paying anywhere in the region of £108-£789 monthly on average, and some reviewing can save you a fair amount here.


You can speak to our consultant and find the cheapest energy deal for your business at:

Business Loans

The government looks to be giving out business loans now that the economy has taken a hit due to the pandemic, but only to those in retail, leisure and hospitality.


The UK government has promised that it will provide cash grants up to £25,000 for businesses in these sectors, with smaller £10,000 loans conditionally available for others negatively affected.

This is alongside tax breaks to help support companies in the UK, and a complete scrap of business rates for companies in the aforementioned industries for the rest of 2020.


If you aren’t one of these businesses, but are still worried, we have the answer.


We have a service that compares and connects customers and lenders, with unsecured business loans available for all credit scores. These small business loans are designed to provide much-needed working capital in a time when business has essentially grinded to a halt.

Business loan customers can repay on a little and often basis, usually daily or weekly to help with cash flow management. You don’t have to worry about a large monthly repayment on a fixed date each month. 


You can be put in touch with an expert here:

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