Smart thermostats: the business guide

Smart thermostats are now the most popular home smart devices, with 1.5 million using them as of April (500,000 were installed in 2017 alone!). However, for business, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information on the advantages of using one, the differences between a home thermostat and a company one, and whether it’s worth even getting one in your workplace. In this article, we hope to answer any questions you may have and teach you all you need to know about commercial smart thermostats. Let’s get into it!


What is a smart thermostat?

This is a smart thermostat.


A home one, but a good example of a small, sleek, minimalistic device. This is the Nest Thermostat E, their cheaper, simpler take on their other products. (The product can be found here:

A smart thermostat can change your heating temperature through the device, or remotely via your phone. A lot of the applications for home use include warming up the house before you return, turning off the heating after forgetting and leaving the house, and other small conveniences just to make the user’s day easier. We’ll get to why they’re useful for businesses soon. First of all, we’re going to go into their purpose in general.


How do smart thermostats work?

Efficiency is key with a smart thermostat. The goal of the smart thermostat is to save people as much money as possible, through little tweaks through the day to reduce waste. As heating often makes up the bulk of someone’s energy bills (especially in winter!), this is a hugely important development in energy management.

What makes them good for business?

Depending on which smart thermostat you buy, there are a lot of unique features that you can take full advantage of as a business owner. We’ll get into some of the important ones here:

You can change the temperature when you’re not in

If you’re on a break and outside the room, or if you want to warm up the office before going in, you can alter the temperature from your smartphone.  This is especially useful if ever someone forgets to turn off the heating when locking up, and can save you a decent amount of money over time.

Less thought goes into heating the room

Sick of constantly getting up to change the temperature while you have a lot of work to do? There are features that make it as easy as possible to keep the room at an optimum temperature. It can learn your routine and adjust accordingly throughout the day. Once it learns your heating habits, and how cold/hot you like the room at certain points, it starts to change automatically to stop you from being slightly inconvenienced.

This is also extremely useful if you work in a customer-facing environment, as you can ensure that the room is at the right temperature before getting any visitors!

You’ll save money

As there aren’t many statistics released on business smart thermostat savings, we can’t really give you an exact number on this. It does depend largely on company size, spending habits and heating habits, but if home savings are anything to go by, it is almost guaranteed to be substantial.

Companies give wildly different figures for the amount consumers can save, but even the smallest numbers are improvements. Tadoo have said that its smart thermostats will help customers save an average of 27% on their overall heating costs – about £180 a year. ScottishPower, however, have reported that they can help save you around £337 a year (if you spend around £200 a month on heating.)

Nest have reported on savings up to 12% on heating costs and 15% on air conditioning costs, which is huge if you’re a large company. Even as an SME, the freed-up money can be redistributed into different areas of the company.

It is possible to make these savings without a smart thermostat, but this way saves you a lot of time and effort.

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Savvy owners can prosper

A large benefit of using a smart thermostat is that you can look back on reports to view your progress, savings and look towards the future. This can be used for a multitude of reasons, mostly just to monitor costs but there is definitely a lot more safety when you check over the numbers yourself.

If ever there are any inconsistencies or faults in the reports, you can take action and contact the company directly, potentially saving you from being stung. You could find anything from a broken window latch letting out warmth or even an accounting error from your energy company.

As well as this, past reports can be brought up to compare spending habits for each season, and changes can be made accordingly- no more fiddling with the temperature, as you’ll already know the best settings for spring, summer, autumn and winter!

You be warned when something does go wrong


Models exist that can send your phone a notification or an email if ever something goes wrong, saving you the inconvenience of coming back to an unpleasant surprise. Power cuts are easier to prepare for when you find out as soon as possible.

Should I buy one?

Short answer- yes. However, make sure not to buy one designed for the home!

A smart home thermostat is optimized for the home, which means that it’s perfect for managing heating and cooling in a house, some of those good points don’t integrate well into an office or store.

For the sake of convenience, home thermostats are designed for monitoring 1-2 devices on one smartphone. You can only control one at a time, and have up to 10 (with some apps) on an account, which is fine for the home, but for an office that could have 10-20+ depending on size, this is a bit of a nuisance. This restriction makes it difficult to easily use, which definitely defeats the whole purpose.

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