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Keeping maggots away from your bin

Maggots are the larva stage of the housefly. Flies love food waste and other similar types of waste, and lay their eggs on the rubbish, which hatch into these creepy insects. The maggots then create pupae which hatch into flies, and the cycle continues. They’re an eye-sore, and indicate an unhygienic environment, so taking steps to eliminate them from your bins is a step in the right direction. But how? First we’ll have to look into the root of the problem.



Why am I getting maggots?

As maggots are fly larva, they are only in places that are interesting to flies. Food waste, nappies or anything else that might smell edible to a fly are prime targets. It is also a lot easier for a fly to get into an open bin than a closed one, and they can get through bin bags. This makes them tricky to deal with, especially in a business setting where you have multiple bins to keep on top of. Here are some of the steps you can take to get rid of them:



1.      Get rid of the ones currently there

This goes without saying really, but there’s no point in keeping maggots out if they’re already in your bin. There are some actions people take, like using excessive amounts of bug spray or other chemicals, but these are harmful to the person doing it and potentially anyone collecting the waste. Vinegar and water is a less toxic version of this, and it works wonders.

Another safe method for dealing with maggots is to take a kettle and pour boiling water all over the infestation. After the water has cooled down, clean your bin.



2.      Keep your bin closed

The easiest solution to keep flies out of your bins is to keep the lids closed at all times. Just open them whenever you’re taking out the bags and you instantly cut a lot of the risk. If your bin doesn’t have a lid for whatever reason, try double bagging your waste before you take it out. This makes it harder for flies to smell your waste, and equally as hard to get into it.



3.      Get an electronic bug-zapper

Keeping all insects at bay is a sure-fire way of keeping maggots out of your bins. Buying an electronic fly-zapper and displaying it by the bins can deter any bugs looking for a new home. This acts as a deterrent for flies in the area and kills ones that could be a problem.



4.      Clean it regularly

To keep these little guys away from your bin, you need to keep it as clean as possible. Bugs and maggots both love moisture and dirt, so if try to avoid these two adjectives, they won’t be dying to get in like they usually would be. It would also help to use things that don’t smell like waste, like a peppermint spray or washing up liquid, because they also hate aromatic smells. If it smells good, odds are flies will hate it. If that’s the case, maggots will too.



Maggots in and around bins are a huge red flag for anyone walking past your business. It’s not incredibly difficult to stop them from putting off your customers, it just takes some preparation! We recommend it.



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