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A lot of companies, from SMEs to huge multinational conglomerates, don’t look at their energy alternatives.
Some think it’s complicated, extremely time-consuming and definitely not worth the hassle, which is untrue.

When you’re spending £5,000+ as a small to medium sized business, finding a perfect fit for your company is essential.

We go the extra mile to make your switch quick, easy and convenient.
We’ve cut any unnecessary details out of our form, and we contact you directly, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our customer service team are always one call away, and are always ready to answer any questions you may have during the process.

During the switch, the company can also run as normal, because your new provider contacts the old one to make it fast and easy for everyone involved, especially you.

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Switching is easier than you think.

A lot of companies also stick to what they know. The “Big 6” have been running the market for a while now, and with the growing popularity of comparison sites, times are changing.

The market is slowly being shared as more and more are learning about their options, which is only a good thing. Competitiveness in the industry keeps prices low, and gives everyone the choice to find their favourite provider.

Truth is, smaller energy companies can often produce much better value for money, and have much better customer service. See what works for you.